3D Designing & Modeling

3D Designing from sketches

Don’t have experience with 3D designing and producing 3D files? Fret not, as our professional team is able to provide expertise in this area. 

Even if you only have an idea in your mind, you will be able to participate in the co-creation of your desired 3D product. Our 3D designers can help you convert your drawings to 3D formats that are suitable for 3D printing.

Reverse Engineering

Our capabilities include reverse engineering, where we create a 3D file based on an existing object. This is done via 3D scanning, where we use an industrial handheld scanner to capture the product’s outer appearance all around into a 3D file format.

This is especially useful for products that have been damaged but are not in the market anymore, such as vintage car parts. In addition, reverse engineering can be done for products that need a tweak in design.

3d designing & modeling

Product Visualization

If you have a product concept in mind, but have no idea how to execute it, Additive3D is the right place to consult. With our expertise in 3D Designing & Modeling, the team is able to help you make your ideas a reality. 

Our experienced 3D designers are able to sketch your 3D design from a 2D drawing. From this 3D file, we are able to help you print a prototype first before you invest in mass production. With shorter lead time and reduced costs, we can help you concentrate your efforts into conceptualizing the best product!