3D Scanning

3D scanning

3D Scanning Process

3D scanners pick up the contours and shape of objects to recreate them on a computer when 3D scanning. It is used to recreate existing objects using CAD programs. 

Smaller objects are scanned on a turntable (rotating base plate) that feeds data into the CAD software for a 3D scanning technician to then help recreate a replica of the desired object. If the object is too large for the turntable, we would use a handheld scanner that will also similarly input data into the CAD software.

We use the EinScan-Pro or the EinScan-Pro+ for 3D scanning.

Other 3D Solutions

3D Printing Singapore FDM

3D Printing

Revolutionalize the way your business produces goods with Industrial Revolution 4.0. 3D printing is preferred for prototyping and low volume manufacturing due to its cost and time effectiveness among other reasons.

3D Modeling Singapore

3D Modeling

3D modeling refers to the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object in 3D format. We provide 3D modeling expertise for clients who need help with 3D file designing.

Post Processing

For clients with specific requirements, we are able to help you with post processing. Our capabilities include spray painting to the exact Pantone shade, polishing your product to optic clear and more.