3D Printing Full Colour Tissue Box

Concept Modeling Services

What is Concept Modeling?

A physical model is key when pitching your product idea to potential investors and clients. No matter how impressive your idea is, it is ineffective if others are unable to visualize it. Therefore, concept modeling helps you produce a physical model to help with that. Even if you only have an idea in mind or just a 2D sketch, we are able to convert it to a 3D file for you to produce your model.

Furthermore, concept models are able to help you scrutinize and notice some areas that may require tweaks and modifications early on in the design cycle. The process can also help you better predict your product’s functionality, and make alterations accordingly to create a better final product. Hence, expect to see a significant reduction in product development cost.

Key Benefits of Concept Modeling

  1. Visualization of Product
  2. Notice Problem Areas Early in Design Cycle
  3. Reduced Product Development Cost

Choose Your Preferred Concept Modeling Process


Short for Fused Deposition Modeling, FDM is one of the most commonly adopted additive manufacturing technologies today due to its low cost and efficiency.


Stereolithography was first developed in the 1980’s. The process is often used when a smooth finish and high accuracy is required.


Polyjet is a liquid-based 3D printing technology. It is able to 3D print at a high speed, with extremely high accuracy and a smooth surface finish.


SLS is a powder-based 3D printing technology suitable for building parts that require complex geometries and high durability.


Similar to SLS, Multi Jet Fusion also utilizes powder to 3D print objects. Parts produced by MJF are stronger and more precise compared to SLS.

Full Colour

Full Colour 3D UV-Curable Inkjet technology has the capability to print 10 million colours, making it ideal for products such as marketing models.