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3D Printed Pumps: Enhancing Production in Multiple Industries

Pumps are the workhorses of industry. They are used in industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical processing and more. Particularly, in oil & gas, pumps are regarded as the irreplaceable core of factory operations. They are used in every stage of operations – upstream, midstream, and downstream. Pumps are usually used to move different types of products such as water, oil and chemicals. For industrial usage, typically centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps are used. 

How 3D Printed Pumps Can Help

1. No Physical Inventory Needed

Parts on pumps can be expensive and difficult to find. Therefore, companies usually store replacement parts as extras in case their equipment breaks down. 3D printing helps to remove the need for physical storing of replacement inventory parts. As 3D printing allows for manufacturing on demand, it is not necessary to order parts in advance. Instead, companies are able to produce replacement parts whenever they are needed. With 3D printing services readily available in Singapore, you can directly send your 3D file and get a quote instantly.

2. Obsolete Parts

3D printing can also be useful for manufacturing parts for pumps that are obsolete or no longer available on the market. Some older equipment are also unable to adapt to new pumps in the market, resulting in companies having to source for repair services or worse still, replacing the whole pump altogether. Either way, it is a time consuming and costly process. 3D printing can bring a magnitude of benefits in this scenario. By 3D Modeling, we can create a 3D file of the obsolete part and then proceed to 3D printing it with suitable materials. This whole process takes only about 1-2 weeks to complete, minimizing downtime for and allowing your production schedule to run on time.

3. Sealing Against Liquids & Gases with 3D Printed Pumps

In some industries, it is important that pumps are airtight and watertight, which 3D printing was not able to achieve in the past. However, with the new chemical vapor smoothing treatment, this now translates to endless possibilities for 3D prints, including 3D printed pumps. By placing 3D prints under the vapor smoothing process, they become stronger, more vibrant and sealed against liquids and gases without degradation of mechanical properties. Thus, 3D printed pumps that go through vapor smoothing can now be useful for the marine and oil & gas industries, among others.

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