How To 3D Print With Us

A Step By Step Guide To Our 3D Printing Service in Malaysia

1. Visit Our Online Quoting Page

3D Printing Online Quote Step 1

Firstly, have your 3D file on hand and go to our Online Quoting Tool

2. Upload 3D File

Upload your 3D file by dragging the file into the box, or click on “Add 3D Model” to choose from your folder. Please wait till the file is “Ready” before you click on “Next Step” on the bottom right of the page.

3. Choose 3D Printing Technology/Material

3D Printing Online Quote Step 3

Choose your desired 3D printing technology and material in this step. 

Firstly, decide on your preferred 3D printing technology.

Secondly, choose your material. There are a number of material options under each 3D printing technology. 

Select “Add to Cart” after you are done with your selection. If you have multiple models, remember to add each model to your cart before clicking on “Next Step”.

4. Choose Quantity

3D Printing Online Quote Step 4

Choose your desired quantity for each model.

5. Personal Information

3D Printing Online Quote Step 5

Key in your personal details and shipment information in this step to facilitate our delivery process.

6. Order Summary

Check your order details. You can click on the “Review Firm Offer” button to get a PDF copy of your detailed order. 

Click on “Confirm Order” button once you wish to submit your order.

7. Payment

Click on the “Pay with Card” option on the bottom right corner. 

8. Card Details

3D Printing Online Quote Step 7 (2)

Proceed to key in your payment details. Once we have received payment, we will start production of your parts.