ABS Filament


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Compatible with: Cubicon Single Plus, Cubicon Style, Cubicon Style NEO

Size of filament: 1.75mm

Net Weight: 1kg

Colours: White, Natural, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Grey, Black

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS filament is one of the two most common materials for desktop FDM 3D printing, alongside PLA. Products such as LEGO bricks,  bicycle helmets and automotive bumper parts are often made with ABS. As it has shock resistant properties, the material can even form parts such as protective headgear! It is also probably the most popular plastic for injection molding. 3D printing with ABS is a great option due to its strength and the fact that it is light weight. In addition, ABS can also handle different chemicals.

It performs best in the making of durable parts that need to withstand higher temperatures. Although ABS has a similar tensile strength compared to PLA, the former is less brittle and more ductile. This makes ABS suitable for end use applications, while PLA is preferred for rapid prototyping when form is more critical than function. Compared to PLA, ABS has better mechanical properties, but is also harder to work with as it is prone to warping.

With regards to surface finishing, 3D parts printed with ABS filament have a matte finish. However, it can also achieve a glossy finish if post-processed with acetone.

The material is not bio-degradable, but it is recyclable.


Material: Carbon extract with hazardous gases removed and a bit of luster

Density: 1.04g/cm³


  • Strong yet flexible, cracks or warping may occur when printing large-scale models or shapes
  • May be a smell of burning plastic while printing
  • Can print by using a heating bed
  • Adhesion is outstanding and melting point is uniform
  • Low-hazard material, safe for human use
  • Can be used in most kinds of FFF-type 3D printers
  • Certified by ISO 9001, DIN EN 13432:2000-12, SGS materials

Print Settings:

  • Nozzle Temperature:  220-240 °C
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (tolerance ± 0.05mm)
ABS Colours

White, Natural, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Grey, Black