Dimafix Glue


For adhesion of print to printbed to avoid warping


The Dimafix Glue is a product based on the Dimafix formula. The glue maintains the same adhesion properties of Dimafix spray format but in dabber liquid format. In 3D printing, good adhesion of your print to the printbed is key to the print quality. The Dimafix Glue, a temperature-activated liquid solution, is therefore an important factor in order to keep your object fixed during printing to avoid warping. It provides a strong bond between the first layer and the build plate when the printbed is heated above 60 ºC. When the printbed cools down to below 60 ºC, Dimafix becomes inactive, so prints can easily be removed from the build plate. It is water soluble so it is easy to clean.

The idea is to apply the substance to your print bed. After heating the print bed, the solution becomes strongly adhesive. The product works on different temperature range than Dimafix gas, so it allows the self detaching effect of the piece sooner. The glue does not contain any gas, is environmentally friendly. After you use it, close it and hold it properly.

The Dimafix Glue can be used for more than 100 times.

Different print bed temperature results in different levels of adhesion:

Below 60 ºC: Low adhesion, the objects can be detached from the plate.

60 – 75 ºC: Average adhesion, for simple geometries.

75 – 95 ºC: High adhesion, for complex geometries and lengthy prints.

Above 95 ºC: Very high adhesion, for extremely complex geometries and very lengthy prints.