Flexa Bright


Compatible with: Lisa/Lisa Pro

Net Weight: 2kg/4L

Colour: Oyster White

*Minimum 2 Bottles for 2Kg order

Flexa Bright is a powder material for SLS printing. It is made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane elastomers). The powder allows users to print white and flexible objects. Users can choose from two possible levels of hardness depending on the desired functions and aesthetics they wish to achieve.

It is a functional rubber for applications when an aesthetic colouring is essential. Since the beginning of SLS technology, professionals have been observing white products as an industry standard. On the other hand, users of small SLS 3D printers often work with dark prints. Today, Sinterit has opened the possibility of having the best of both worlds. With the Flexa Bright Powder, users can now achieve almost white prints on small desktop SLS printers.

As a rubber-like material, Flexa Bright has a good elongation at break of about 317 [%]. According to PN-ISO 37:2007, the material also has an ultimate tensile strength of 10[MPa]. It is classified as a medium-hard material. This is certified by PN-EN ISO 868:2005 which states that the material has an average hardness value of 79 in Shore type A scale.  Additionally, according to PN-EN ISO 62:2008, the water absorption of the material is about 3%.

It is suitable for prototyping fabric creating items for the medical industry, especially for producing pre-surgery and training printouts. The material also serves well in the architecture or luxury industry. It is the perfect material for flexible prototypes, clothing parts, mock-ups, and models. Sinterit’s Lisa and Lisa Pro can both print with the Flexa Bright material.