Flexa Soft


Compatible with: Lisa/Lisa Pro

Net Weight: 2kg/4L

Colour: Light Grey

*Please note that there is a minimum order quantity of 2 for this product.*

Flexa Soft is a low Shore-A material that is suitable for design, art and simulation of really soft materials.

It is an ideal material for use in the medical industry. It can produce surgical models to help surgeons trial procedures before carrying them out. In the last few years, 3D printing has been garnering attention from medical researchers, academics and practitioners. For surgeons, it has become routine to use 3D printed models before the operation. It is easier to exercise the procedure: choose the right surgical tools, plan their path or even perform a trial surgery. However, organs 3D-printed with hard materials are difficult to cut with a scalpel. This is no longer an issue, with the advancement of Sinterit Flexa Soft Powder. Arguably, this material perfectly imitates the hardness of some tissues. Models made from this powder are also smoother to touch. When loaded, they can easily take the desired shape, while retaining its geometry when unloaded.

Meanwhile, in fashion, FlexaSoft produces clothing that easily adjusts to the wearer’s body. Sinterit believes that its elasticity also makes the material suitable for prototyping gaskets and sensory toys.

When the tensile stress does not exceed 0.8 [MPa], after load release, test specimens retains their shape, with no external damage.  External damage refers to damage such as fractures in the product. The test specimens only fracture when applying the maximum tensile stress of 1.8 [MPa]. Flexa soft can be used in both Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro printers.

Flexa Soft Specification Sheet

Flexa Soft Material Safety Data Sheet