Helling 3D Anti-Glare Spray


Use for 3D Scanning on shining surface or dark surface to capture a better quality of scan results

Net Weight: 400ml


To achieve optimal accuracy and results with 3D laser scanning it is often necessary to apply an anti-reflection coating. Helling 3D Scan Spray is especially designed for this purpose, providing a great solution for coverage.

The Helling 3D Anti-Glare Spray is removable. Small white particles coat the surface. If the surface is porous like wood, the particles can get embedded. They don’t fuse or melt to the surface, so elbow grease and a brush can remove the particles. On non-porous surfaces like machined surface metals, the spray wipes cleanly off. Craggy surfaces like cast metal surfaces require more than just a rag to wipe over it, but a couple scrubs back and forth to make sure the cloth brushes through all the crags.


  • Provides more uniform coverage using less spray material due to proprietary reflective qualities
  • Using less spray means this 3D scan spray is more cost effective than other commonly used reflective sprays
  • Because of the fine grained structure of our spray it is possible to apply evenly layers of spray with minimal thickness (average particle size of 2,8 µm)
  • The Helling 3D Scan Spray is anti-glare and easily removable

Dental Applications:

This spray is ideal for dental applications especially for single tooth scanning/measuring for re-building (synthetics, synthetic coated models) and mold/wax figure models. Note: this spray is not safe for use inside a person’s mouth.  It is intended to be used only on inanimate objects.

White Light:

The 3D spray is suitable for use with all types of 3D scanners including white light systems. It dulls the surface of any shiny or reflective part.