PA11 Onyx


Compatible with: Lisa Pro

Net Weight: 2kg/4L

Colour: Navy Grey

*Please note that there is a minimum order quantity of 2 for this product.*

PA11 Onyx powder is a polyamide (nylon) with superior thermal resistance, stable to light, UV, and weather. It is a black material of Nylon 11. 

The material is a lightweight bio-plastic made of plant-based resources and a relatively higher heat and chemical resistance. It has high resistance against impacts, moderates elasticity and chemicals.

The material went through several tests to examine its different strengths and properties. According to PN-EN ISO 37:2007 certification, the material has a tensile strength of 54 [MPa]. According to PN-EN ISO 178:2011, it has a flexural strength of 62 [MPa]. In addition, its elongation at break is 40 [%] according to PN-EN ISO 37:2007.

One of the key benefits of using the PA11 Onyx fresh powder is its durability. As a result, this unique material creates products that are able to withstand heavy-duty use without breaking or malformation. 

The PA11 Onyx powder can produce jigs, fixtures, tool elements, covers, housings, enclosure, snap-fit designs, handles, hinges, connectors, impact-proof elements as well as thermoforming moulds.

However, an important point to note is that this material is compatible only with the Sinterit Lisa Pro. This is due to the fact that the Lisa Pro comes with a built in nitrogen chamber that allows it to work with a wider variety of materials. The material requires a relatively higher heat sintering temperature which is higher than PA12. It also requires inert shielding gas to avoid undesirable chemical reactions most notably with oxygen and moisture present in the air. Lisa Pro is the only 3D printer that achieves these conditions.

PA11 Onyx Specification Sheet

PA11 Onyx Material Safety Data Sheet

Powder Weight

2KG, 6KG