PA12 Smooth, Fresh


Compatible with: Lisa/Lisa Pro

Net Weight: 2kg or 6kg

Colour: Navy Grey / Anthracite

*Minimum 2 Bottles for 2Kg order

The PA12 Smooth, Fresh powder is a virgin powder by Sinterit. It serves as a refresher, and is to be combined with leftover powder from previous prints. The purpose of the Sinterit Fresh Powder is to refresh powder properties lost during last print (sintering process).

It is a Polyamide 12 powder (Nylon) with good mechanical properties and excellent surface resolution, suitable for high-temperature applications and parts that need to be heat tolerant. The material is able to produce prints with excellent quality of prints surface and details. At the same time, its prints are also able to achieve high chemical resistance and good quality to price ratio.

Prints by this material typically have a tensile strength of 32 MPa. Its elongation at break is 10%. Melting point at 185 Degrees Celsius. When measuring its shore hardness in scale D, it achieved a score of 74.

In addition, possible applications of the material include complex spatial shapes, structural or mechanical elements, functional prototypes or final parts and chemical resistant objects. Using PA12 Smooth Print Ready powder, you can print single solid elements as well as full movable assemblies or mechanisms. You can either choose to print objects separately, or together in a single print. Either way, the printed products will be ready for use after printing with a little bit of sandblasting. Heavy post-processing is not required.

The PA12 Smooth Print is available in two colors – Navy Grey and Anthracite. It is compatible with both the Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro.

PA12 Smooth Specification

PA12 Smooth Material Safety Data Sheet

Powder Weight

2KG, 6KG