PETG Filament


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Compatible with: Cubicon Single Plus, Cubicon Style, Cubicon Style NEO series

Size of filament: 1.75mm

Net Weight: 1kg

Colours: Black, Grey, Natural, White

PETG (Glycolmodified Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a safe material that has been FDA-certified as a material suitable for outputting relatively simple models in the education market.

Products : PETG Filament (FFF 3D Printer Application)

Manufacturing Country : Korea

Capacity: 1.0kg (excluding Spool weight)

Color: Gray

Density: 1.05g/cm3

Use Nozzle Temperature : 230 to 240 ° C

Used Bed Temperature : 75 to 85 ° C

Filament diameter: 1.75mm (0.05mm)

View Safety Data Sheet here.



– No moisture-absorbing-induced effects.

– The output is stiff.

– Crack and contraction stability is superior to ABS filament when large-sized model output.

– The output is less odour-induced than ABS and PLA.

– It does not contain harmful substances during incineration and is free from environmental hormones.

– Strength against acidic and alkaline solutions with chemical resistance.

– It is an FDA-approved material for eco-friendly materials.

Cubicon PETG Colours

Black, Grey, Natural, White