PLA-i21 Filament


*Please note that this is a preorder.*

Compatible with: Cubicon Single Plus, Cubicon Style, Cubicon Style NEO series

Size of filament: 1.75mm

Net Weight: 1kg

Colours: Natural, White, Mint Yellow, Pink, Black

PLA-i21 filament is an enhanced version of the usual PLA filament.

Prints by PLA-i21 are of higher quality and the filament is suitable for large prints and prototypes.

PLA-i21 sample

Material: Eco-friendly material made from corn starch

Density: 1.24g/cm³


  • Higher impact strength than ABS and PLA
  • Suitable for printing of large sculptures
  • No hazards, safe for human use
  • Compatible with multiple FFF-type 3D printers

Print Settings:

Nozzle Temperature: 190-220°C

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (tolerance ± 0.05mm)

PLA-i21 Colours

Black, Mint Yellow, Natural, Pink, White