Size of Filament: 2.85mm

Net Weight: 700g


Short for polypropylene, PP is a thermoplastic obtained by the polymerization of propylene. The material is versatile, transparent and light. It is also a material with good organoleptic properties. In addition, its excellent mechanical, impact resistance and chemical properties make it ideal for industrial purposes. The PP Smart Filament is also resistant to bending, shock, and fatigue.

Common filaments PP (polypropylene) have a high warping effect, making it a plastic that is virtually impossible to print on a 3D printer. To counter this issue, Smart Materials 3D has come up with the PP Smart Filament which is essentially a PP filament with additives. These additives serve to improve the filament’s adherence to the printing surface, thus reducing the warping effect. Users can utilize the Smart Stick adhesive to completely eliminate warping in order to achieve the perfect 3D print.

Due to the material’s unique properties, you can use it for a great variety of application fields, such as packaging, textiles, table wares, pipes, medical applications and many more.

It can create pieces with low weight. Therefore, this material is useful in the automobile and aircraft industry, as well as drone manufacturing.

Its high printing resolution also allows users to create small pieces such as small robot components.

However, a limitation to note when using PP is that the material is sensitive to UV. Also, although polypropylene material is certified by the FDA (Food contact), the PP Smart Filament is not. This is due to the fact that it contains additives to improve printing properties.

PP Colours

Black, Natural, White

Filament Size

1.75mm, 2.85mm