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We Are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. With Our Approved Network Of Partners, We Can Help You With Prototyping And Production Needs. 

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Additive3D Asia offers end-to-end 3D Printing in Singapore and in the global market. We are able to handle product creation from scratch. This starts from 3D Designing the initial prototype, to 3D Printing the end product and eventually replicating your ideal finishing through our professional capabilities.

Guaranteed Quality

Our ISO9001:2015 certification gives us the confidence to provide you with high quality Additive Manufacturing Solutions. We constantly strive and continuously improve to meet regulatory requirements. Therefore, we are able to fulfil your 3D printing needs with professional customer service and industrial quality.

Industrial Materials

Your product deserves to be created using only the best materials. We offer these industrial materials for your selection: ABS, PLA, Enhanced ABS (ABS-A100), ABS-ESD7, ABS-M30, ULTEM 9085 CG Resin, ULTEM 1010 CG Resin, ASA, GP Plus, Somos Watershed XC 11122, Taurus, EvoLVe, NeXt, VeroClear, VeroWhite/Grey, PP, PA12 & TPU.

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How To 3D Print With Us

Upload 3D Printing Files

Upload 3D Files

Upload your ready CAD files to our online quoting tool which will analyse and determine if your project is 3D printable.

3D Printing Material & Technology

Technology & Material

Once your 3D files are analysed, you will be able to select your desired 3D printing process and material for your project.

Manufacturing Begins

After you review the price and submit your order, we begin the manufacturing process immediately so you get your parts on time.

3D Printing Shipped

Parts Are Shipped

You will get updates along the manufacturing process. We handle all logistics issues so you only have to wait for your parts to arrive.

On-Demand Additive Manufacturing Solutions



Short for Fused Deposition Modeling, FDM is one of the most commonly adopted additive manufacturing technologies today due to its low cost and efficiency.



Great for products that require a smooth finish and high accuracy. SLA is also a popular choice for creating prototypes for clear parts, including bottles.


Polyjet 3D Printing

Capable of printing multiple materials from flexible to rigid in one part. 3D prints at a high speed, with extremely high accuracy and a smooth surface finish.


SLS is a powder-based 3D printing technology suitable for building parts that require high durability and complex geometries as it does not need any form of support.


MJF 3D Printing

Similar to SLS, Multi Jet Fusion also utilizes powder to 3D print objects. One advantage is that parts produced by MJF are stronger and more precise compared to SLS.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting

Using two-component polyurethanes (PU) and silicone moulds to produce high quality prototypes and end-use products effectively. 

3D Printing Materials

FDM Materials


Prevents a buildup of static electricity

ULTEM™ 9085 CG Resin

High strength-to-weight ratio with thermal and chemical resistance

ULTEM™ 1010 CG Resin

Superior tensile strength and excellent chemical and thermal resistance


Stronger layer bonding than ABS with greater tensile, impact and flexural strength


Superior UV resistance

Carbon Fiber (Nylon 12CF)

A combination of nylon 12 and carbon fiber to achieve the highest flexural strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio


Bio-compatible FDM thermoplastic, a heat-resistant material for the pharmaceutical, food packaging and medical industries

SLA Materials

GP Plus
(White Resin)

High accuracy, humidity resistance, and commendable durability

Somos® WaterShed XC 11122
(Clear Resin)

Ideal for producing parts that resemble true, clear engineered plastic

(Charcoal Grey)

Superior strength and durability


Easy to clean and finish, accurate and dimensionally stable


Extremely durable and accurate with high feature detail

Polyjet Materials


Transparent material, ideal for clear parts


Multi-purpose Vero photopolymers that offer strength, stiffness and versatility

SLS Materials


Thermoplastic “addition polymer”, combination of propylene monomers

PA12 (White)

For slightly more translucent parts, high strength and stiffness

PA12 (Grey)

Good mechanical properties and excellent surface resolution

TPU Flexa Black

For flexible parts, similar properties to rubber, suppresses hits and shocks wel

Glass-Filled Nylon

Contains glass particles that give parts high stiffness and improved thermal and abrasion resistance over standard Nylon

MJF Materials

3D Printing


Extreme dimensional accuracy and fine detail

PA12 Glass Beads

PA12 Glass Beads

Nylon material infused with 40% glass beads for high high stiffness and strength




Our 3D printing solutions are ISO 9001:2015 certified, giving us the confidence to provide you with a high quality Additive Manufacturing experience.

industry knowledge

Industry Domain Experience

Understanding and speaking the right industrial language helps us to specifically narrow down to your industry requirements and thus achieve a great result and experience.


Collaborative Discussions

Before project commencement, you will be able to voice your requirements and concerns. With this information, we will be able to create your ideal digital part and manufactured product within the agreed time frame.

Great Customer Experience

With an easy, affordable professional service to engage, let us do the heavy lifting for you in 3D CAD Modeling and manufacturing while you focus on growing your business.

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