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AMT and Additive3D Asia Bring End-to-End AM Solutions to Singapore

AMT has furthered its expansion to the APAC region by collaborating with Additive3D Asia. Since 2014, Additive3D Asia has been a renowned leader in Additive Manufacturing based in Singapore serving the Asia Pacific region. The company offers state-of-art online 3D printing services, from on-demand production of product prototypes to short-run manufacturing of end-use parts.

Additive3D Asia offers a wide range of industrial 3D printing materials as well as high quality finishes (post processing) to meet their clients’ requirements. By adding AMT’s PostPro chemical vapor smoothing technology to their production services, the company seeks to provide end-to-end solutions and services to help businesses emerge victorious with the latest disruptive technology.

“The current market perception of 3D printed parts or products is that they are mainly for prototyping or research & development (R&D) purposes. This is one of the key factors slowing down the adoption of 3D printed parts or products into the mass market and manufacturing industries. Current challenges with 3D printed items including surface finishing, part strength, non-water proof and being food and medical safe are now answered with the automated chemical vapor smoothing process from PostPro3D,” said Jason Joo, Co-Founder and Business Development Director, Additive3D Asia.

Paulene Siew, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Additive3D Asia added on to say, “Additive3D Asia is proud to be the first company to be offering this new Post Processing service to all customers in Singapore and across Southeast Asia. Our objective is to bring 3D printing usage into the mass market with a safe, qualified and certified process in this new joint partnership with Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT). We are looking forward to growing our business wider and into new industries with this new service and are planning for more PostPro3D units in the near future as the demand grows more in our region.”

Joseph Crabtree, AMT CEO and Founder, commented: “Collaborating with Additive3D Asia is another example of AMT’s commitment to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing across the globe. We are delighted to have Additive3D Asia as our first official production partner in Singapore and look forward to supporting their business growth and open up new opportunities for high-quality, customized applications.”

Additive3D Asia is committed to Quality Excellence in the services they provide to their customers. The organization is ISO 9001:2015 certified in the provision of 3D Printing Services. Customers who are interested in seeing the results of the PostPro Chemical Vapor Smoothing process can schedule a free consultation with Additive3D Asia.

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