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Case Study:
Custom Made BMW Air Intake

Combining the use of 3D Modelling, 3D Printing with the law of physics.


Unable to find a suitable aftermarket car part that can create a bigger plenum effect to allow bigger air reservoir in the air intake for better performance


Started with onsite inspection and 3D Modelling using references from pictures and measurements. Thereafter, a 3D model wants printed out and moulded with Carbon Fiber for the final product.


  • CAD Modelling
  • SLA 3D printing
  • Carbon Fiber Moulding


  • Industrial White ABS Resin
  • Carbon Fiber

Customized a one and only air-intake for Andy's BMW F10 535i

Customer, Andy, a BMW car enthusiast reached out to us to see if we can help him to customize an air intake which he couldn’t source from any aftermarket car parts.

How special in this exercise is Andy wants to maximize the space that he has to make the air-intake middle section to have a much bigger plenum to allow bigger air reservoir for his car performance. Yes! Why not?

What does increasing plenum volume do?

Experimental results showed that engine performance increased modestly as plenum volume was increased from 2 to 8 times engine displacement. Increasing plenum volume beyond 8 times engine displacement resulted in significant improvement in performance parameters

Does a plenum effect increase power?

At the higher engine speeds, the increase in power with plenum size is dramatic. Peak power output increases from 54 kW for the 1.2L plenum to 63 kW for the 6.0L plenum – an increase of 17%. Of note, plenum size appears to have a greater effect on the engine speed for peak power than it did on peak torque.

Final Product

In this process, we involved in CAD modeling and prototyping with our large scale industrial SLA 3D Printer from UnionTech, our final prototype give great accuracy and smooth finishing which is ideal for the next manufacturing process.

We thank him for trusting in us and we helped Andy from his idea to the final design and so he could make the final air-intake in carbon fiber.

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