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How 3D Printing is a Game Changer for Robotics & Automation

Learn about how 3D printing is currently used in the Robotics & Automation industry and how you can fully utilize its benefits to your business advantage.

Silicone robot gripper

What is inside?

“How 3D Printing is a Game Changer in Robotics & Automation” provides you an overview of how 3D printing is currently used in the robotics and automation field. It also explores relevant case studies pertaining to 3D printed industrial robot grippers and more, including a silicone gripper that is able to pick up almost anything, from a ball to a cup!
3D printing is useful for the robotics and automation industry as the technology is able to reduce lead time and costs

benefits of 3D Printing in Robotics & Automation


Design Flexibility

Low Volume/Just-in-Time (JiT)

Increased Productivity

Cost Reduction





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