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Post Processing in 3D Printing

Making Your Parts Watertight, Stronger & Smoother with Vapor Smoothing

Additive3D Asia is proud to be the first to offer the chemical Vapor Smoothing process in Southeast Asia to all our customers.

Post processing of 3D printed parts with vapor smoothing allows parts to become watertight, stronger and smoother. This is possible without degradation of mechanical properties. Post vapor smoothing, you can expect a surface finish extremely close to injection molding.

Before and After Vapor Smoothing

How Vapor Smoothing Works

The Chemical Vapor Smoothing process is a patented process for post processing of 3D printed parts that is the first around the globe.

This is a physio-chemical process that allows for watertight 3D printing and can smooth a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers.

The process is non-line-of-sight and can smooth complex internal cavities of polymer parts without degradation of a part’s mechanical properties.

Performance Enhancement

Increased Mechanical Properties_BeforeIncreased Mechanical Properties_After

Increased Mechanical Properties

Due to the removal of surface porosity, extensive testing demonstrates that vapor smoothed demonstrated no loss in Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) with an increase in Elongation at Break (EAB).

Injection Molded Surface_BeforeInjection Molded Surface_After

Injection Molding-Like Surface

Using a series of predefined parameters, this process achieves for the first time a surface finish that matches injection molding techniques with an RA of less than 1 micron.

Dimensional Accuracy_BeforeVapor smoothing

Dimensional Accuracy

The process does not degrade the mechanical properties of the parts. After going through the treatment, parts exhibit no more than a 0.4%-dimensional change irrespective of the desired finish level.

Seals against liquid & gas intake_Before

Seals Against Liquid & Gas Intake

The treatment completely seals the surface, eliminating liquid or gas intake. As a result, parts become watertight and airtight. 

Enhances Colour_BeforeEnhances Colour_After

Enhances Colour

Vapor smoothing enhances the colour consistency and hue of coloured part. Additionally, parts that already have colour, such as HP MJF 580 parts, do not bleed in PostPro 3D machines.

Reduction in bacteria growth_BeforeReduction in bacteria growth_After

Reduction in Bacteria Growth

Tests have shown the reduction of bacteria growth and attachment on parts that have been chemically vapor smoothed.

Test Results: Before VS After Post Processing in 3D Printing With Vapor Smoothing

Vapor Smoothing


A first of its kind treatment for post processing in 3D printing, Vapor Smoothing is compatible with all powder-bed and filament-based printing technologies: SLS, MJF, FDM & more (compatible with 95% of all 3D printing materials).

The process extensively decreases surface roughness by over 800% while sealing the part’s surface against liquid and air. Simultaneously, the treatment improves Ultimate Tensile Strength, yield stress and Elongation-at-Break. 

Health & Safety Regulations

Interested in our Vapor Smoothing process but unsure if it meets your requirements? 

Check against this concise list of regulations to see if the treatment fits your requirements.

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