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3 Compelling Reasons to Use 3D Printing Services for Your Proof of Concept

The importance of a proof of concept cannot be overstated. Prior to the development of your product, it’s important to validate the need for it before moving onto rapid prototyping. This blog post will discuss what proofs of concepts are, why they’re important and offer tips on how to expedite this process for your company in Singapore.

So What is a Proof of Concept (POC)?

The process of validating the need for a new product or service is called “proof of concept.” It is essentially a prototype or model that demonstrates the feasibility of an idea. For many companies, a well-executed proof of concept can save time, money and resources because it provides a clear picture of the potential for success.

Proof of concepts is used in many fields such as engineering, software development, and marketing to name just a few. Understanding how best to use them will help you more effectively evaluate opportunities and make decisions about your business’ future direction.

To reduce risk by quickly testing market viability of an idea or design concept, 3D printing is especially useful for proof of concept prototypes when you need to show what a product might look like and test its durability or functionality before it goes into production. The 3D printer creates objects layer by layer from digital specifications using materials such as plastic and metal powder and you can get your proof of concept in no more than seven days.

Developing Your POC with 3D Printing Services

Consider how much time and money you’re willing to spend before committing to a full-fledged development project.

With that in mind, you can leverage on industrial 3D printing services for its benefits, which includes:

1. Prototype your product without waiting for a production run

The traditional methods of injection moulding and computer numerical control (CNC) machining require weeks to put together a model. Where time is crucial for the early stages of any product design, 3D printing services offer a range of 3D printing technologies, along with a wide selection of materials. It’s an accurate way to replicate your prototype and with your trusted 3D printing company like Additive3D Asia, you may even decide to use the same material for production.

2. It's cost-effective for prototypes

It allows designers to test concepts and ideas without having to do costly full-scale moulds. This high-tech solution also provides designers with flexibility in shape and form when they need to create something that doesn’t exist yet. It also saves time by not requiring many parts or assemblies, which speeds up production times and decreases costs. The best part about 3D printed proof of concepts is that they are fairly cheap in comparison with other manufacturing methods, helping lower the overall material wastage.

3. You can make changes and test them before it's too late

3D printing is one of the most popular methods of prototyping because it allows parts to be created quickly, cheaply and with no tooling costs associated with traditional machining processes. With that being said, if you need to make changes to your proof of concept, it only takes a few days with your local 3D printing company in Singapore – instead of waiting months for new parts or an entirely new mould when outsourcing manufacturers overseas.

Read about the case study with Hong Seh Motor, a regional luxury car importer and dealer who came to Additive3D Asia with a broken spare part from a Tesla car and work together to explore a functional replacement part. By offering, an end-to-end solution services from 3D Modeling, to prototyping, to manufacturing of the final part, Hong Seh Motor successfully reduced costs by more than 75% compared to if they were to replace the seat entirely.

Note: Left is Original Broken Part and Right is 3D printed Part

Make Your Proof of Concept with Us Today

3D printing is a great way to test out ideas and prototypes for your product. With 3D printing services, you can create a tangible representation of your idea without spending much time or money. It’s also a good way to see if the design is manufacturable before going into low volume manufacturing with it.

Starting from a 2D sketch, you can also learn more about the feasibility of your product through our CAD services. Find out more with Additive3D Asia today.

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