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CAD as a Service (3D Modeling)

From any 2D sketch, with our stream of services, we are able to use 3D Modeling to create a CAD file according to your technical specifications. 

**FREE 3D Modeling Service for Contract Manufacturing Production Volume**

CADaaS/3D Modeling

What Is a CADaaS/3D Modeling Service?

Manufacturing CADaaS is simply short for CAD as a Service, where we use 3D Modeling and 3D Designing to make your ideas or product concepts a tangible reality. Compared to the time-consuming manual drafting, CAD services automates the process for accurate design and technical documentation. Going digital in this sense will allow manufacturers in Singapore and around the globe to experiment with and visualise design ideas, as well as simulate its functionality and performance in the real world.

Our experienced and professional team of 3D designers are able to sketch your 3D design from a 2D drawing. From this 3D file, we are able to help you quickly print a 3D model or prototype first before you invest in manufacturing services from low volume to mass production. With reduced lead time and costs, we help you concentrate your efforts on conceptualising the best product.

Industries that Benefit from Our 3D Modeling Services

A range of professionals and industries utilise our CAD 3D Modeling services to improve their design and engineering processes. Some of these disciplines include mechanical engineers, manufacturers, and car designers. Whenever conceptualisation, designing, simulation, fabricating quality parts, and rendering innovative technology is required, our 3D modeling services value adds.

Benefits of Our CAD Services in Singapore

Our CAD tools and services allows authorised users to gain access to data. This not only ensures data security but also facilitates optimisation and specialisation by spotting imperfections constantly throughout the design process.



By providing a professional service to create CAD files suitable for Additive Manufacturing, we remove the need for you to engage a team of in-house CAD designers and engineers.

industry knowledge

Industry Domain Experience

Understanding and speaking the right industrial language helps us to specifically narrow down to your industry requirements and thus achieve a great result and experience.


Collaborative Discussions

Upon project commencement, you will get updates on your CAD project and participate to provide feedback for further minor changes to complete the project within the agreed time frame.

Great Customer Experience

With an easy, affordable, and professional service, let us do the heavy lifting for you in creating your CAD files while you focus on bringing your business to greater heights.

Please Share More About Your 3D Modeling Project

Are you looking to optimise workflows and produce more precise designs? Additive3D Asia provides you with a platform to visualise your design ideas, create a detailed digital representation of it, find design faults, run simulations, and bring your digital designs to life with the aid of our various fabrication and additive manufacturing technologies.

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