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Top 3 Reasons to Use 3D Printing Services to Address Supply Chain Challenges

While the global supply chain has helped manufacturers over many decades deliver a steady flow of parts and products, the needs of their customers are rapidly changing. Across a host of nuanced challenges, manufacturers must deal with increasingly difficult customer demands, tighter profit margins and rising international competition.

Alongside other influential factors like longer lead times, production delays and increased customisation requirements, companies need a more efficient way to manage their supply chains. Fortunately, 3D printing manufacturing provides an elegant solution to many of the most problematic circumstances faced by those operating in the manufacturing industry.

Evolving Supply Chain Challenges

Everywhere you look along the supply chain, there are constantly evolving challenges that require comprehensive solutions. For instance, inventory management is immensely complicated, with fluctuating customer demand, slow-moving stock and limited visibility contributing to delays and surging costs.  

Companies must also act faster than ever to capitalise on the latest industry trends and stay ahead of their competitors. This means they need to develop high-quality prototypes from the get-go, allowing them to reach the market and meet customer needs before their rivals. With 3D printing manufacturing techniques, this reality is within your grasp.

The Solution? Embrace Digitalisation Through 3D Printing Services

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing many Singaporean businesses to shift towards an online-offline business model, the government has committed to helping companies transition into the post-pandemic world. In fact, they have allocated S$24 billion over the next three years to encourage innovation and speed up digital transformation within local businesses across the country. If it’s time to rethink your company’s supply chain management, 3D printing and digital manufacturing are key technologies that can address the following challenges:

1. Overdependence on traditional manufacturing

While traditional manufacturing processes are undoubtedly useful, many company’s supply chains have become overly reliant on this method for the production of their parts and products. However, 3D printing manufacturing can effectively bridge this gap in the supply chain, helping to streamline the manufacturing process and increasingly satisfy customer demands.

With traditional manufacturing methods coming with several critical limitations, including longer production times, reduced customisation and compromised design flexibility, this means companies that require precision parts can overcome these constraints with the uptake of 3D printing services.

2. Overdependence on overseas manufacturers

Overseas manufacturing in countries like China has long been the chosen method for countless businesses both in Singapore and globally. However, this enormous reliance can give rise to hugely complex supply chain issues when massive disruption occurs, as we’ve seen with the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdowns.

While China’s manufacturing industry has gradually returned to normal, your company is still taking a considerable risk by putting all of its eggs in one basket. While the electronics, chemicals and precision engineering clusters recorded growth in Singapore as of March 2021, sectors such as general manufacturing and biomedical manufacturing continue to decline.

Don’t let your business get caught out. Instead, get organised ahead of time and use local 3D printing manufacturing to avoid any potential issues.

3. Support the local economy in Singapore

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has had a seismic impact on the local economy in Singapore. With businesses across almost every industry negatively affected in one way or another, throwing your support behind local manufacturing is critical to getting things back on track as soon as possible.

Online 3D printing manufacturing like the services at Additive3D Asia offer businesses a myriad of benefits. Ranging from shorter lead times, cost-effective pricing and a wide selection of services and technologies, there’s almost limitless potential when it comes to rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing in Singapore.

Want to get started?

Additive3D Asia has led Singapore’s 3D printing manufacturing industry since 2014, with our expert team supplying companies across the region with exceptional quality products and reasonable turnaround times. In turn, this helps Singapore’s economy recover from the impact of COVID-19 and thrive long into the future. Get in touch with us for an obligation-free discussion today.

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