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Traditional Manufacturing Challenges in Singapore and How Online 3D Printing Services can Help

If your business has been dependent on traditional manufacturing processes, you may have come to realise its shortcomings to meet the modern needs of today’s customers. In this article, we will be diving deep into the ever-present challenges of traditional manufacturing in Singapore and how online 3D printing services can present an all-new opportunity to your business.

Traditional manufacturing consists of four main types of manufacturing processes, which includes CNC Machining, Injection Moulding, Plastic Forming and Plastic Joining. It is a production technique that has been practised for decades when producing mass items. However, with technological revolutions fuelling a new wave of innovation, it is fair to say that traditional manufacturing comes with its own set of drawbacks in the modern world, where 3D printing can fill in the gaps. What are they?

Top 3 Traditional Manufacturing Challenges

1. Longer production time

The core challenge of traditional manufacturing lies in its prerequisites.  For example, Injection Moulding, a popular traditional manufacturing technique, requires the use of a mould, where material is poured in to form the final product. As the mould is expensive and time-consuming to produce, it contributes to a longer lead time for production processes. On the other hand, CNC Machining will take a substantial amount of time to produce complex parts as there will be time taken to produce the right toolings for complicated designs. If your manufacturing facilities are located overseas, order fulfilment may be prolonged further. There are more stacked on your business than you may have realised. All these would result in a negative impact on your business in the long run, and eventually restricting growth.

2. Limitations on customisation

Personalisation is the need of the hour. Today, consumers increasingly want products personalised for their needs. However, with the rigid nature of traditional manufacturing, it can be challenging to accommodate individual order descriptions. While the option of customisation is possible if your business is using CNC Machining, for example, multiple machines may be involved in the process. It will take time to set up and program the machinery to achieve the desired shape. Not only does this incur additional costs, but you may also find your business hard-pressed to meet production deadlines.  

3. No design flexibility

Highly complex geometries are typically impossible or tedious to produce with traditional manufacturing processes like CNC Machining, Plastic Forming and Plastic Joining. When conventional methods are unable to process the geometric parts you need, 3D printing will be a good fit for your project such that your freedom of design is neither restricted nor compromised. This is especially so when using advanced 3D printing technologies such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), which is a powder-based technology where the powder acts as self-support, making complex geometries possible.      

How 3D Printing Services Can Come in Handy

With the challenges of traditional manufacturing addressed, there is a need to tap on new systems to improve your business capabilities. It may currently be taking your business more than a few weeks to process the relevant components, but did you know that 3D printing can meet the demand within days? If you are planning to produce in small volume, 3D printing is a good alternative to traditional manufacturing methods such as Injection Moulding. By removing the need for moulds, 3D printing shortens the otherwise long lead time and allows you to meet the growing demand for orders.

Last but not least, mass customisations can be made possible for your business as the product design can be directly transferred to the 3D printer for manufacturing.

Get Started with Additive3D Asia Today

If your business is attempting to make the transition from traditional manufacturing to the ground-breaking 3D printing, we are here to help! Since 2014, Additive3D Asia has been a renowned leader in Additive Manufacturing based in Singapore serving the Asia Pacific region. With over 100,000 quality parts produced, you can rest assured that your product manufacturing is in capable hands with our cutting-edge 3D printing services without committing to hefty investments in industrial 3D printers. To find out the 3D printing process that is most suitable for your business, contact us today.

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