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CAD Services: A Quick Guide to 3D Modeling in Singapore

Singapore has experienced a manufacturing boom in recent times, with February alone seeing a 16.4% output increase. Across a diverse range of industries, including biomedical manufacturing, electronics, precision engineering and more, countless companies are looking to modernise their production processes to keep up with demand and the competition.

One of the best ways businesses in Singapore can significantly improve the efficiency of their product prototyping is by adopting computer-aided design (CAD) services and 3D printing. As technology has improved, CAD services have become incredibly powerful. Nowadays, it is seen by many as an essential tool that helps finalise product designs at rapid speed.

With Additive3D Asia specialising in CAD services and 3D printing technologies, we’ve created a quick guide on the many advantages that your business could benefit from when adopting this contemporary approach.

Advantages of CAD services

1. Maximise time savings

The rise of easily accessible CAD tools means that companies of all shapes and sizes can save considerable time and money when developing products. As CAD services provide a top alternative to technical prototypes and physical models, this means businesses can avoid investing in costly materials. Meanwhile, 3D modeling with CAD is also much faster than outdated traditional methods where people use hand-drawn drafts and rely on 2D models.

Mistakes made during the design process can be incredibly costly and time-consuming. But using CAD services to develop your ideas will give you far greater insight into the final product compared to traditional methods. This is because it’s possible to generate wonderfully detailed 3D visuals that showcase exactly what the product will look like when it’s complete.

2. Draw to scale

A key advantage when using CAD services for 3D modeling is that you will have the ability to draw to scale. While designers can rely on manual means through 2D drawings, these may not have been entirely accurate and could dramatically slow down the design process, especially when compared to modern techniques. Instead, CAD services offer meticulous digital representations that help people understand how their design will come to life.

CAD services have become commonplace in the architecture and engineering industries. As designers can generate precise built-to-scale models instead of rudimentary 2D renderings, they can fully appreciate how their design will appear in the real world and experience how it fits into the broader landscape.

3. Improve communication across teams

If your business is looking to prepare itself for the future, transitioning to an automated design process is the perfect place to start. CAD services are a highly adaptive 3D modeling technology that can be used across numerous industries in Singapore to enhance the visualisation of new products.                  

While this service aids design teams to communicate with each other, it’s also remarkably effective for conveying concepts to relevant stakeholders. The highly visual nature of CAD services also allows laypeople to fully comprehend the designs presented to them.

Ultimately, this streamlined approach to 3D modeling and product development reduces the risk of expensive miscommunications happening between the many different parties involved.

4. Easily convert files for prototyping

An experienced 3D printing service provider like Additive3D Asia makes it easy to produce physical prototypes based on CAD files. This allows companies to analyse the structure of their product before heading into full-scale production. Plus, it means design faults can be quickly spotted and fixed before they become a major problem.                   

As 3D printed models based on CAD designs allow for far shorter lead times compared to traditional manufacturing methods, it also means designs can be instantly revised and improved. Once you’ve made changes, simply 3D print another item and decide whether it’s perfect. For companies working to restrictive deadlines, this amount of flexibility is a huge advantage.

Make the Switch to CAD services

Ensure your business in Singapore is benefiting from the latest design techniques by adopting CAD services into your workflow. Simply send your CAD files to Additive3D Asia to create a precise 3D model and ensure your products are better than ever. Get in touch with Additive3D Asia to learn more about CAD services and the latest in 3D printing today.

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