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Want to Extend the Lifespan of Your Equipment? Consider 3D Printing Services

Want to Extend the Lifespan of Your Equipment? Consider 3D Printing Services

As more 3D printing services and technologies become increasingly accessible with every passing day, it’s no secret that online additive manufacturing provides plenty of advantages for both emerging and established businesses. For instance, 3D printing services have helped solve numerous traditional manufacturing challenges, ranging from long production times to limits on design flexibility.

In addition to speeding up your production cycle for low volume manufacturing, one of the benefits of 3D printing services include significantly extending the lifespan of your company’s assets. Here, we explore how outsourcing your 3D printing needs can dramatically enhance your business’ performance.

1. Repair your machinery fast

If your business relies on traditional machinery to create its products, components are bound to break down and require replacement over time. This might inquire a significant cost for your business when the entire machine needs to be replaced due to one obsolete part. Fortunately, 3D printing services can be used to replace outdated or damaged parts quickly and efficiently. This is particularly pivotal for companies that use legacy equipment involving discontinued or difficult to acquire parts, as delays are more likely to occur.

In a fast-paced world where time and money is everything, 3D printing makes it possible to rapidly replace essential parts to ensure your business never stops moving. By combining intelligent 3D modeling with 3D printing services, you can replicate these intricate pieces of machinery and remanufacture them with incredible precision – all within a short lead time.

For example, rubber seals often need to be replaced on vintage machinery, but it can be almost impossible to find these specific parts. Alongside Additive3D Asia’s expert team, we can model and produce customised silicone replacements that are just as good as the original. This process equates to fewer interruptions and longer-running machines during critical processes.

2. Expedite the demand for spare and obsolete parts

Maintaining a reliable supply chain is vital to the ongoing success of manufacturing companies. But with some machinery parts proving incredibly costly, many businesses avoid purchasing replacement components until their equipment falters. This can become an expensive mistake, as a lack of spare parts leads to lengthy delays and unnecessary downtime – which may delay the progress of your overall supply chain.

If your business uses machinery that’s indispensable to its supply chain, utilising 3D printing services is the best way to increase your access to spare parts. By having a cost-effective way to bolster your on-hand inventory, you can swiftly fix broken down equipment and ensure your supply chain operates at peak performance.

Contact Our Expert Team

For top-notch 3D printing services in Singapore, you don’t need to look past Additive3D Asia. Our vastly experienced team has worked alongside a wealth of industrial clients, ensuring their prototypes, small-run products and end-use parts benefit from the latest 3D printing techniques.

Whether you’re looking to improve the lifespan of your company’s machinery or enhance the procurement of spare parts, Additive3D Asia has the knowledge to make it happen. Contact our friendly team to find out how your business will benefit from our extensive 3D printing services.

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